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Affordable SEO Company

Thousands of businesses are turning them into online business. Few of them are dependent on Social media, but the majority of companies are running their business by Search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). In this case, you must need the Best SEO agency to optimize your business and provide better feedback in search engines. We are a “TEAM MINING SEO” affordable SEO company.

Why we are an affordable SEO Company?

It’s a simple question about why we are a top1 SEO service company. Or why “MINING SEO” is 1st in SEO? The reason is we provide exceptional service at affordable prices. We have 10+ SEO professionals who are working in the SEO business for over 6-4 years. Our experts have enough knowledge and expertise to rank your website within days because we know how to do it correctly, and we are providing our SEO services at a low price for tons of resources. We believe in quality service, not money.

Why should you choose us?

You may think what is the benefit if you choose us? Well, we follow the white hat strategy because we don’t want to damage your website in search engine ranking. We won’t abandon you without positive results ever. Particularly, we provide black hat SEO also. Contact us for more about it. We offer organic traffic so you can be benefited from your website.

We provide low cost SEO services than any other cheap SEO company. Online Business means competition; we know how to win a competition. We will provide you weekly report of your projects. So, this is how our SEO agency working, all you will get at affordable SEO price.

Our Professional SEO Services includes

In our expert, SEO services here are the Best SEO packages. You can get every single service from SEO freelancer on Fiverr SEO, but they are not as expert as us. So, have a look at our cheap SEO services and SEO package.

On-page Optimization (With Yoast & without Yoast)

The On-page optimization means to optimize your content absolutely perfect as search engine requirement. We will do that with Yoast SEO or without Yoast SEO, as your requirement. In this service, we have to lots of work, such as;

  • SEO title
  • Meta description
  • readability correction
  • H1/H2/H3 combination
  • The key phrase in the introduction
  • Key phrase density
  • Slug correction
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Image optimization
  • Image all attributes
  • Consecutive sentence correction
  • Subheading distribution

    OFF-page SEO (Backlink or link building)

    When it comes to increasing your website authority, backlink becomes a crucial element. You must need backlinks to get rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Indeed, if you want to increase your domain authority and Page authority, then we have some best link building resources, so you can have authority quickly. Our backlink service or off-page SEO services includes;

    • Profile Backlink
    • Social bookmarking
    • Article submission
    • Guest post
    • Blog commenting
    • Forum backlink
    • Educational & Govt. backlink
    • Auto link creation (black hat)

    Mobile SEO

    Do you know how Google gives ranking to a website naturally? Those websites, which are mobile-friendly they got rank higher. 65% of organic visitors come via mobile or tablet. That’s why Google gives more priority to mobile SEO. We are going to optimize your whole website and will make it mobile-friendly. Our Mobile SEO service includes;

    • Mobile Sitemaps
    • Content size optimization
    • Robot.txt implementation
    • Multilingual mobile site optimization
    • Mobile optimization audits
    • AMP installing

    Website Audit

    Auditing is a website that is very crucial to understand & find out all the issues your website have. Don’t find SEO companies near me for website audit because we are incredibly expert in website audit service. “Mining SEO” will manually audit your website, and will find out what types of error and issues your website have. Then we will fix it.

    Alternatively, we can do this for you with Premium tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and other auditing tools. Your website audit report will be ready in 1 day at a low price, that’s why we called the best affordable SEO Company. We can fix these things, which are our website Audit service included;

    • 404 error, 302, 401 error fixing
    • Image break issue fixing
    • Speed optimization
    • Mobile friendly
    • Heading issue fixing
    • Broken links fixing
    • Friendly URL / slug fixing
    • Robots.txt
    • XML Sitemaps
    • Usability fixing
    • Social optimization
    • Security fixing

    Keyword Research (Via paid tools)

    Well, the keyword is the king of a website. You can’t rank without a proper and secure keyword. Indeed, this is a world which is full of competition. So, we know exactly which keyword is going to provide you a better result. As for, we always use powerful keyword tools in our keyword research service. We use tremendous paid tools like Ahrefs & SEMRush. So, our keyword research will be perfect, and you can rank rapidly. Our keyword research services are;

    • KGR keyword Services (Keyword Golden Ratio)
    • Low volume Keyword / Easy keyword
    • Low competition keyword
    • Quick rankable keyword
    • Niche based keyword list

    Website Speed Optimization

    Now you know in 2020 Google core update, they said more fast website means higher rank. That means there has no alternative way to get rank without website speed optimization. Hire us for your website speed optimization because we concern you; a fast website can bring you more profit. These things we will do while our website speed optimization service;

    • Mobile Speed optimization
    • Web Speed optimization
    • Image compression

    Final Verdict

    I hope you get all the service information, what service we provide, and our specific services. We provide as best SEO agency service as Los Angeles SEO. Looking for Seo Company near me or SEO near me? We are the number 1 SEO service provider in the entire world. I think you will like our web page SEO pricing, contact us for package pricing.

    One more thing, if you don’t know, is SEO worth it? I assure you, SEO will worth it for you. In conclusion, don’t forget to support our affordable SEO Company. Thank you.