Basically, keyword researching is one of the individual parts of SEO for your website. If you can’t manage your website to get in the first position then your total effort going to be worthless.  We are the “Team Mining SEO” highly anticipated and professional keyword research service provider. For instance, we know how to research your niche and how to bring the easiest and advantageous keywords.

A keyword means a specific 3-6 word sentence or query that contains lots of data and searched by people. We search several types of a topic in the search engines and social media, that specific topic name is the keyword. 

Particularly, there have myriad types of the keyword. For example; “How to choose a Bicycle” is an informative keyword. If you search “Best Bicycle” then it is a product keyword.

Talk about what is keyword research; it is a process to find out (researching) the most effective and rank able search query (keyword). You can research and find your niche (Topic) keyword manually or using tools.

12 Keyword research services we provide

  • Informative keyword research
  • The keyword with Golden Ratio (KGR keyword)
  • Amazon keyword research
  • Local keyword research
  • Long-tail keyword research
  • SEO keyword research services
  • Fiverr keyword research
  • Social media keyword research
  • YouTube Keyword research
  • Blog keyword research
  • Bing keyword research
  • Yahoo keyword research

Which Keyword research tools we use while researching?

Generally, without easy and competitor less keyword you can’t move to the search engine first page in short times. These days’ competitors are getting stronger and beating them is become very complicated.

That’s why we always do keyword research via paid tools. Paid tools can provide you more authentic, beneficial, and convenient keywords than other free keyword research tools. It doesn’t matter whatever niche or topic you have, we always prefer to use;

  • Ahrefs
  • Spyfu
  • Moz Pro
  • Long Tail Pro
  • KWFinder
  • GrowthBar
  • Majestic SEO
  • Keyword Tool
  • Serpstat

While keyword researching manually we use MOZ tools for observation and monitoring competitors.
Ahrefs is our only chosen option as the best Amazon keyword research tool. Consequently, stay with us so we can provide you the best keyword research service as your requirement.

Why you should choose us?


When it comes to choosing a top keyword research service you should consider utterly which service provider works magnificently. We have been running this agency for years and we have several niches websites.

That’s why we know which keywords going to be profitable, worthwhile, and favorable for your topic. We have experienced a particular keyword research specialist and he is highly expertise and skilled on this topic.

How much is the keyword research service price of ours?

Team mining SEO is highly experienced in keyword researching services but we always accept the reasonable price of our service. It doesn’t matter which service you are hiring us we always try to offer as cheap prices as possible.
For keyword research service price detail contact us or leave a message; we will reply to you in a short time.

Final Verdict

Overall, I hope you get enough information about the Team Mining SEO agency and our Keyword research services.
Indeed, for trustworthy and salubrious keyword research and SEO services, you won’t find a better one except for Team Mining SEO.
Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for completing the order or for any detail.